Title III Monitoring

In over 16 years of business, LIS linguists have worked with over 25 law enforcement, military, government, and national defense intelligence agencies on Title III Monitoring assignments.

Our linguists will travel to your site and work side-by-side with you to collect, analyze, investigate, transcribe, and interpret intercepted voice, multimedia, and historical data. And because we have a pool of thousands of qualified linguists, a native speaker is always available for your Title III Monitoring projects.

Why Choose LIS Monitoring Services?

LIS linguists are subject to a qualification screening to work on government assignments, meaning that the details of your project stay confidential. Additionally, all LIS monitoring linguists are trained to use the latest monitoring equipment, headsets, and software, including:

  • Wire tap recording equipment
  • Dialed number recorders (DNR)
  • Communication intercept equipment
  • Digital recording devices

Our monitoring linguists can assist you with every aspect of your Title III Monitoring project, including:

  • Monitoring, recording, translating, transcribing, and summarizing content of real-time oral communication intercepts.
  • Transcribing from stored media, including audio and video cassettes, digital media, or other sources in both the required foreign language and English.
  • Preparing typed translations and transcriptions in both the required foreign language and English.
  • Performing quality control reviews of completed work.
  • Validating the accuracy of completed translations and transcriptions.
  • Appearing in court when subpoenaed to testify.

Title III Monitoring Quality Control Team

Title III Monitoring cases may require a lot of personnel. To make sure that your project is done correctly and on time, our team of managers and supervisors help coordinate and oversee linguists.

  • A full-time Project Manager. Our project managers help coordinate all of the linguists and supervisors working on your assignment, ensuring that your project runs smoothly and your deliverables arrive on schedule.
  • A full-time Site Supervisor. Part of LIS’ day-to-day quality control task force. Our site supervisors ensure that all linguists are properly trained and prepared for every assignment, and ensure that projects are properly executed.
  • Full-time Shift Supervisors. Our shift supervisors assist both site supervisors and linguists with scheduling and coordinating linguist shift transitions.
  • Government approved personnel. Our security officers ensure that linguists meet all legal requirements before they are cleared for Title III Monitoring projects.
  • Professional Linguists. Finally, LIS ensures that you’re getting the most highly-qualified linguists available. Each of our linguists holds at least a 4/4/4 English and Foreign Language Proficiency test level per the Defense Language Proficiency Test or the Interagency Language Roundtable or is certified with the ATA and/or federal or state courts. Learn More.

For more information about our Title III Monitoring Services, please fill out our Free Estimate Form, call 718-237-8919, or email us at sales@lis-translations.com.

What Languages Do You Monitor?

Our team of over 10,000 highly-trained linguists is available for your Title III Monitoring projects 24 hours a day. Some of our 200 languages and dialects include Albanian, Chinese, Ebonics, Ghanaian, Haitian Creole, Hebrew, Jamaican Patois, Korean, Laotian, Spanish and Vietnamese.


LIS is accredited by numerous US and international bodies, reflecting our competency and dependability in the language service industry:

  • Qualified to work on government assignments
  • Woman-Owned Business Certification
  • American Translators Association
  • Small Business Certification
  • GSA Schedule
  • More



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